How it works

Your treatment is specific to your goals and how you feel at the beginning of each appointment. Some of your goals will require just one session, whereas others may require more over a period of time. On occasion, assessments and self-care exercises are apart of your allotted time. Ultimately, my primary goal as a therapist is to facilitate and promote health and wellness.

My technique

Swedish Massage is the foundation on which I build all treatments. Swedish techniques involve effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration, percussion. At times I incorporate such techniques as Myofascial Release, Active Release, Shiatsu, Rhythmical Mobilizations, Joint Play and Craniosacral. In any case, I primarily focus on soft tissue work via Swedish Massage.

The "pressure" question

To acquire therapeutic value, some clients do require deep tissue work while others do not. Although I do not advocate deep pressure work, I will access deeper tissues if the more superficial ones relax and if your treatment aims indicate the need to do so. I do adjust my pressure accordingly depending on how you respond throughout the entire treatment. Speak to me freely about pressure during your appointment.

The setting

I work out of a treatment room in the Whole Body Wellness Centre. The clinic is on the second floor and each room is private and quiet. All therapists manage their own business. There is a waiting room with a washroom. There is no receptionist, so bookings and payment are done directly through me.

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